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Welcome to Hashmic House Films!

My name is Faisal Hashmi and I welcome you folks to the Hashmic House Films blog.

You might wonder – why a blog? While our main focus for the general audience is going to be our Facebook and Twitter page, a blog is of key importance in what we are aiming to do. Not only will this blog act as a news event portal of whatever we are up to and our personal opinion about a number of matters, it will be a primary source of knowledge and tips about independent filmmaking in UAE.

Though many don’t know it yet, almost all of us have a story to tell. A story that we always believed would look great on screen or a story that we connect to and is personal. Not everybody is into filmmaking but we are storytellers by birth and there’s no denying that. But for those that were always fascinated when watching movies and always had a dream or even a passing thought of one day making their own film, this blog is for you. Living in the UAE, it’s very understandable why you haven’t done anything about your aspiration yet. The problem with this country for us is that expatriates require a visa to stay here which you only get by working full-time or being a student. This severely takes a toll on your life and usually leaves no time for doing anything else, so you put your dream aside and begin to live life the way everyone is. And while this doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon, all it takes is a story and a camera to go shoot your movie and it IS possible.

But another daunting task that faces most such people is – where do I begin? That’s exactly what this blog will aim to do. We’ve read hundreds of books, watched thousands of movies and DVD’s that teach us all aspects of filmmaking and it’s our short film projects that teach us constant lessons every time. This blog will feature a stream of articles that will deal with every aspect of filmmaking right from the basics. Whether it’s telling a story and how to form it, screenwriting, cameras, technicals and other directorial tricks, Hashmic House Films isn’t just about ‘us’. It’s an initiative to bolster filmmaking in the country and make sure there’s enough support that people take notice. It bums me out to see such a muted response when filmmaking is mentioned here and that’s what should be changed.

Why is Los Angeles a city filled with people talking about film and not Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Do we lack imagination? I definitely don’t think that’s the case after  the dozens of very creative individuals that I’ve ended up meeting in the last year itself. All of these people have amazing stories and great talent to make it, but just not the push and initiative required to actually go ahead and make the damn thing. Our effort here will be to give the average guy that knowledge and crack open that mystical world of filmmaking and make them realize that while talent is innate, the tools are easily accessible.

So keep track of our blog for a number of interesting articles to come and do follow us everywhere else for some very inspirational stuff.


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