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Watch Our Horror Short Film ‘Scrambled’ Right Now!

After a fruitful festival journey across the world and a Best Film award, we finally released our short film Scrambled to the world online this week and here is where you can see it.

Plot Synopsis:
Written, directed and edited by Faisal Hashmi. A man awake late at night accidentally injures himself, only to find mysterious letters at his door in a series of increasingly bizarre events linked to a creepy urban legend that may actually be real. An atmospheric short film that gives birth to a terrifying new urban legend.

Winner of Best Film at Murdoch’s My Film Fest in Dubai

Other Screenings:
Official Selection – Oshkosh Horror Film Festival 2013
Official Selection – Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival 2013
Official Selection – Malta Horror Fest 2013
Official Selection – South Africa Horror Fest 2013
Official Selection – Germany After Dark Horror Film Festival 2013

I’m particularly proud of the life that the film has had at the festival circuit and was more successful there beyond my imagination. But I consider the real test of a film in front of a global audience, and so far the response from you guys has been ecstatic and hopefully continues to be so. If you like the film, all I ask is to share it whatever best way you can and support the little guys making indie, no-budget short films in this region trying to get a film scene going. As promised, I’m releasing the screenplay to the film for the general public and that can be download on the Screenplays page along with my other screenplays.

Next up is our 48 Hour Project horror film Cold Feet, which is more in the vein of horror than Scrambled is (a supernatural thriller). Expect a release very soon.


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