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‘The Cupidest Thing’ Short Film – Watch Our Samsung Galaxy Note Love Story

I know I’ve been missing in action lately, but then not really. Because all this while, my trusty crew and I have been preparing something in secrecy and now are at the liberty to announce it – we made a short film for Samsung Mobile in association with for their ‘Daily Notes’ campaign to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s called ‘The Cupidest Thing’ and here’s the poster with the link to watch it below.

The story follows Ahmed, a math student in love who stumbles upon what seems like the perfect equation for love while using the Galaxy Note. Or so he thinks. It’s my first ever attempt at anything remotely romantic and the result is a cutely cheesy story that I think will resonate with quite a few people with its core idea. It was a group effort that wouldn’t have been possible without everyone involved with the film that gave it their best and I can’t thank them enough for it.

Or on Youtube, if that’s what you prefer:

And the best part of it all, you can comment on the video page and one random winner will win a brand new Galaxy Note! As always, do let us know your feedback of our little film and rest assured we’re busy working on something else already. In fact, it’s much closer than you would think.

And here’s where you’ll hear about it first.

Some new articles about filmmaking and behind-the-scenes of this film and my last film ‘Bubble‘ are coming as well!

So stay tuned.


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