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Our Next Short Film ‘Bubble’ In Pre-Production

After the humungous success that we saw with ‘Perfect Living’, our next short film was decided to be something more dramatic and character driven just like that film. Something that would be based on a universal theme that audiences can emotionally connect to. And with that, our next short film ‘Bubble’ is officially announced and in pre-production. Here is the early teaser poster.

The plot would be kept under wraps at the moment because even speaking about the basics of it would be a spoiler considering how it will end. But it will be a largely dialogue-less film with two concurrent storylines going on with the same actor playing the lead roles of both of those stories. It’s a tough role to handle, and that’s why we are holding our very first casting call on Facebook right here so do join the group if you are interested.

The aim with this film is to also increase the production values of our film by collaborating with a very creative individual, and having another film to enter into festivals internationally and locally. This will be our hardest project yet, but we aren’t ones to give it up.

Once again, follow the step-by-step progress of the film on our official Hashmic House Films Facebook Page.

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