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Watch ‘Bubble’ Short Film Right Now

It’s been six months coming but it’s finally here and we’re proud to present it to you. Our short film ‘Bubble’ has finally been released online and you can watch it below.


Plot – A driven candidate moments before the most important point of his career. A desperate thug moments before the most dangerous decision of his life. An abstract and compelling short film about finding peace in regret.

The film is written, directed, and edited by Faisal Hashmi. I’ll leave you to watch the film without much to say. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comment’s. It’s you guys I made it for and I want to hear what you think of it. Very soon, I’ll make a new post answering most of the common questions I was asked and what all went behind making the film.

But till then, enjoy 🙂

We Won ‘Best Film’ At Season Of Film

Earlier this week, I told you that our upcoming short film ‘Bubble’ will be premiering at ‘Season of Film’ organised by Murdoch University Dubai in association with DIAC. Well, two great things happened – ‘Bubble’ had its world premiere out of competition to a thunderous response and we won ‘Best 1 Minute Short Film’ award for our previous film ‘Perfect Living’ which was in competition.

I along with some of the cast and crew were there at the event to talk about the film later on and it was a great experience to watch it for the first time with a crowd of film enthusiasts that totally got the movie and were keen on learning more about it. The award at the end was a great feeling and the entire crowd seemed to have a lot of fun after watching our quirky little 1-minute film.

That’s not the end of it as there’s more good news to come regarding ‘Bubble’ and ‘Perfect Living’ in the coming month. Until then, watch our little short film that went all the way to Cannes and beyond below.

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Our Next Short Film ‘Bubble’ In Pre-Production

After the humungous success that we saw with ‘Perfect Living’, our next short film was decided to be something more dramatic and character driven just like that film. Something that would be based on a universal theme that audiences can emotionally connect to. And with that, our next short film ‘Bubble’ is officially announced and in pre-production. Here is the early teaser poster.

The plot would be kept under wraps at the moment because even speaking about the basics of it would be a spoiler considering how it will end. But it will be a largely dialogue-less film with two concurrent storylines going on with the same actor playing the lead roles of both of those stories. It’s a tough role to handle, and that’s why we are holding our very first casting call on Facebook right here so do join the group if you are interested.

The aim with this film is to also increase the production values of our film by collaborating with a very creative individual, and having another film to enter into festivals internationally and locally. This will be our hardest project yet, but we aren’t ones to give it up.

Once again, follow the step-by-step progress of the film on our official Hashmic House Films Facebook Page.

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