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First Poster For Our Supernatural Thriller 'Scrambled'

First Poster For Our Supernatural Thriller ‘Scrambled’

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a production of my own. No seriously, ‘Bubble’ was the last film and that’s now over a year old! My amazing team and I have been busy doing a lot of commissioned branded content for a lot of cool brands including Samsung and FujiFilm and other videos for smaller brands to build our portfolio. In short, 2012 and the first half of 2013 was the time for me to really gain some visibility in the corporate world, handle our finances and do something innovative with brands and advertising. I feel we’ve done that, but there was this supernatural thriller I shot back at the end of 2011 which suffered because there was no time to edit it. That changed this month, when I made sure I make time to edit it and make it ready for festival submission.

And I present to you – a supernatural thriller short film called ‘Scrambled’. Here’s the poster!

Scrambled Teaser Poster - Small

It’s a very contained film (1 actor, 1 location) shot in Dubai that’s been more than a year in the making, and I’m now proud to announce that the film is almost done with post-production and will make its debut locally later this year at a festival near you, and select genre film festivals abroad before an online release.

Plot Synopsis: A man awake late at night accidentally injures himself, only to find mysterious letters at his door in a series of increasingly bizarre events linked to a creepy urban legend that may actually be real. An atmospheric short film that gives birth to a terrifying new urban legend.

Written, Directed and Edited By – Faisal Hashmi
Starring – Abidur Rahman, Linnea Sage (voice)
Music by – Randin Graves

This is an interesting film for me in many different ways. I always try to do at least a few different thing each time I make a film as ‘firsts’ and this is no different. So, the film is shot entirely in one location, containing only one actor for the entirety of the film. And it’s a 10 minute short, so that’s a lot of screentime! It’s also the closest I’ve ventured into the horror genre for the first time, which is interesting since it’s also my favorite genre and the one genre I see myself making films in the most. It also has two dialogue scenes, which in itself isn’t an accomplishment until you see the rest of the short films I’ve made. My aversion to dialogue takes a backseat here, but only for a short time. The idea here was to create a brand new creepy mythology that sticks with the viewer after they’ve seen the film. It’s very subtle in execution, but I think the mythology is the best writing idea I’ve ever come up with.

The plan here is to also play it at a number of genre film festivals abroad before making an online release, which is of importance to me as online always plays a huge role in my films. That’s where my real audience lies. Can’t wait to show it to you guys. And here’s a couple of stills from the film as well!



Stay tuned for more!

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  • Kanishka Chakravarti

    Great film, just watched it. As far as such low-budget projects go, it was well done with what resources it had. The minimalist set and props were well-used, as the tense atmosphere and music helped to fill in the in-between moments, thus building up tension. Perhaps it could have been left at the second-to-last part, where the lead sees the ‘Wake up’ message still on his fridge door. I think the viewer could have guessed what happens next on their own – one of the effective horror tropes of ‘leaving things up to question’. But great job and keep it up!

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