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First Look: Our Award-Winning Horror Film Cold Feet For 48 Hour Film Project Dubai

After attending the screenings for 48 Hour Film Project Dubai last year, I was jealous that I didn’t take part in the madness (especially considering that I had a very cool idea for the elements last time). So I made sure that I assemble a team and we take part this year. And so I did.

As I went into the ballot box and my genre pick ended up being ‘Horror’, I was relieved because I had just come off Scrambled and this would be easier territory than say Musical. But the challenge wasn’t as easy as I had thought. Especially considering this year’s elements were – Character: Referee, Prop: Envelope, Line of Dialogue: Do you want to trade places? But after 48 hours, we had shot and finished a creepy little horror film called Cold Feet that was submitted in time. And not just that, we actually won four awards including Audience Award, Best Film – 2nd Runner Up, Most Promising Filmmaker and Best Use of Prop!

Here’s just a first look of the film. It’s more in the horror vein than Scrambled, and hopefully will be out by the end of the year. Cheers.


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