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10 Great Movies That Will Ruin Your Date Night

10 Great Movies That Will Ruin Your Date Night

6. We Need to Talk About Kevin


Why You Might Be Fooled – The film seems like one of those ‘evil child’ horror films that are great fun to watch. Plus, Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly both starred in lovable films so why not?

What You’re In For – This movie will crush your soul, that’s why not. Let me preface this by saying this is one of the best films I’ve ever seen, but at the same time, it’s also one of the bleakest films ever made. Following a scorned mother living her life after a seemingly terrible incident involving her son who was always strange from childhood to teenage years, it’s a depressing and grim film that will likely put you off motherhood and having a baby for a long time. It’s definitely a brilliant film though, so check it out when you’re alone.

7. Blue Valentine


Why You Might Be Fooled – Ryan Gosling. End of story.

What You’re In For – This film is quite evil for basically luring in the fans of Ryan Gosling’s previous romance ‘The Notebook’ and then giving them a film that is literally the opposite of the feeling that movie gives you. The film tells two parallel storylines, as we see a married couple who have fallen out of love but are still trudging along in their bitter relationship, while at the same time the film flashes back to them as youngsters meeting and falling in love. It’s a powerful but hard to watch film about how marriage for the wrong reasons is doomed to fail, and certainly something that isn’t for those expecting a typical romance. The fact that it has Ryan Gosling playing the other side of his character from ‘The Notebook’ is a stroke of genius casting.

8. Revolutionary Road


Why You Might Be Fooled – Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet of ‘Titanic’ star for the first time together after that film. And the poster screams ‘romantic drama’.

What You’re In For – I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that this one is a happy romantic drama because nothing in the marketing material of the film hints otherwise. Set in 1950’s Connecticut, the film follows a married couple who are both unhappy in their life and find their hopes and aspirations haven’t come true and they’re stuck in jobs and lives they don’t like. The only ray of hope for happiness in their marriage seems to be a relocation plan to Paris, the film charts their attempt to get that going. But let me tell you this – it’s heading in a depressing direction and not the kind of sad ending that ‘Titanic’ had. No, this has a hard to watch, profoundly tragic yet memorable ending that will stay with you for quite a while.

9. The Killer Inside Me


Why You Might Be Fooled – The plot sounds like Dexter, which could make for a cool thriller to watch. Also, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.

What You’re In For – While it’s true that the film does have ‘serial killer by night and sheriff by day’ plot that resembles Dexter in a few ways, the actual film differs from that tone in almost every way. It’s a flawed film that doesn’t quite use its premise to full effect, but the main reason to absolutely not watch this film with your date is because of an apparently misogynist undertone that runs throughout and the film includes some extremely brutal scenes of violence against women. Let’s just say Jessica Alba’s face will never be the same again to you after this film. It’s a hard to watch film for that reason in general, so imagine when you’re cuddling up with your date.

10. Audition


Why You Might Be Fooled – Japanese horror movie! They made ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Grudge’, what could go wrong?

What You’re In For – This is quite a tricky one, because Audition hints to be two different genres at the same time. While the poster screams horror, the film begins like a romantic drama as a man fakes a film audition in order to actually find his soulmate. Which he does, as a very shy but pretty girl comes in and steals his heart. What follows for almost three quarters of the film is a straight up romance between the two that seemingly will end like that. ‘Seemingly’ being the key word, because this is a Japanese film and it’s directed by none other than Takashi Miike (IMDB him). While everything until this point is great date night fare, the film takes such a shockingly disturbing turn in its final act that it will leave your jaw on the floor and your eyes cringing to turn away. While the gore-hound in you will love it, the vibe of your date night will not. Absolutely watch this, but later.

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